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Hello Future Bootcamp Athlete! Welcome to The Academy Fitness Bootcamp for Women, Minneapolis St. Paul’s premier women’s fitness bootcamp! We want to offer you something different than your average workout or group fitness class. We want to help you shatter your fitness goals and get you into the best shape of your life!

Are you a soon bride-to-be who wants to look and feel like a bombshell princess in her wedding dress? Do you have your 10 or 20 year high school reunion coming up and want to look like you did in high school or even better?  Are you a recent college graduate that’s still trying to work off that “Freshman 15”?   Are you a women who works at a desk all day and in need of a workout that will keep your metabolism charged throughout the day?   Are you a mother who is looking to burn that baby belly bump that just doesn’t seem to go away?   Are you already in good shape but you’re just looking for something new and challenging to add to your workout routine? 

fitness bootcamp minneapolis If you answered YES or any of these questions – then why not give us a call? The Academy Fitness Bootcamp for Women could be right for YOU! So what makes us different than other gyms? Many gyms and health clubs in the Minneapolis & St. Paul area rely on members not showing up and thus not getting results. They will happily collect your hard earned money, leaving you on your own to get results. It’s no surprise why people have great success working with a personal trainer. All of us need to be motivated and pushed to finish what we start, to make a commitment to our goals, and to follow through on that commitment. Being part of a team of like-minded women is critical to your success. At The Academy Fitness Bootcamp for Women, you will be training with a team of  women who have similar fitness goals as you. Together we push and encourage each other to achieve our personal bests and to strive for progress no matter what.











Here at The A.W.F.B.C. we have a saying, “OPERA NON VERBA” – Which Means  Deeds not words…

We are committed to getting real results for our students through our unwavering dedication to push our students to train hard and achieve their goals. About 92% of overweight people consider starting a fitness and/or nutrition plan for at least six months before taking any serious action!  And from that 92%, about 83% end up crashing or completely quitting within the first two weeks! Don’t feel bad if you fall in this category! We are here to HELP YOU SUCCEED. If you are currently in that 92% and have been talking about starting a program but haven’t yet… then we’ve got the cure for you! 1610974_689723344506095_76141661135333686_n

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Diet’s simply do not work. Why? Because they’re temporary, and they make us feel embarrassed. “Sorry Jane, I can’t go out to eat with you tonight. I’m on a diet.” Those of us who have tried diets have either failed, or lost the weight for our honeymoon and then gained all the weight right back!   What people really need is a permanent lifestyle change. Here at The Academy Fitness Bootcamp for Women, we are going to introduce you to a healthy and sustainable way of eating so that you don’t have to tell people you’re on a diet, so that you can eat well and feel well for the rest of your life.


There are 3 main reasons why traditional gyms are lame: 1. NO MOTIVATION – going to the gym to workout by yourself is simply not motivating. If we don’t have a friend to go with or a Coach who’s going to count on our attendance, then it’s easier to stay on the coach and watch TV. 2. NO DIRECTION – going to the gym without having someone to guide you, someone to help you set realistic goals and achieve them, is like trying to make a meal you’ve never made before without a recipe – you may have all the right ingredients, but it probably won’t taste as good as you’d like. 3. BORING – plain and simple, working out solo is lame. At first we’re wide-eyed at all the sparkly machines, and the rows of stair masters and treadmills, but after a few weeks (if that) we find ourselves watching reruns (with subtitles) on the overhead TVs as we walk on the treadmill (when we should be running). What you’re really doing is paying double to watch TV.

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Why is The Academy Fitness Bootcamp for Women DIFFERENT?

Before you doing a single class here, you will meet one-on-one with one of our coaches. They will sit down with you, find out what your goals are, what kind of benefits you’re looking for, and then make a personalized portfolio just for you! Our bootcamp caters to ALL women. From the woman who’s never worked out before to the woman who runs marathons – we have something for every woman. No matter who you are – our workouts will be challenging, they will be fun, and they will improve your health and happiness. So, what’s a portfolio and why is it important? Every woman in our bootcamp has a personal portfolio where their coach keeps track of their short term and long term goals. Some of our women have previous injuries that we need to know about, to make sure their workouts are modified to prevent further injury. Others have personal information, like a medical condition, that coaches need to be aware of in case of an emergency. During your one-on-one consultation with one of our instructors, you will go over your current eating habits, what kinds of foods you like and don’t like, and if you have any food allergies. From there, your coach will take your weight, body fat percentage, and measurements, in order to draft your CUSTOMIZED meal plan. Remember, this is NOT a diet. Your meal plan will be a lifestyle change that’s sustainable and effective. Women's Fitness MN Did we say body fat percentage and measurements? You bet we did! During your free consultation, we also conduct a free fitness assessment – how many push ups and sit ups you can do in a minute. All of this information will go into your confidential portfolio. So twelve weeks later, we do all the same measurements and fitness tests again and we can track any progress together! So if you’ve read all of this, and seen the results we produce, and you STILL HAVEN’T contacted us, then you’ve only wasted your time!   You don’t have anything to lose besides harmful body fat and low self-esteem. You have EVERYTHING to GAIN! Clients who train with us like that they have achieved the following:

  • Improved self esteem and confidence
  • Toned and strong muscles
  • Increased balance, flexibility, and coordination
  • Improved cardiovascular endurance
  • Better focus
  • Higher energy levels
  • Faster metabolism
  • Accountability
  • Reliable motivation
  • Pride in accomplishing your fitness goals

Let’s Make The NEW YOU! SEE THE RESULTS* If you are looking for all these benefits and more, your future coaches at The Academy Fitness Bootcamp for Women, are ready and willing to help you achive your personal best. *fitness program minneapolis

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