Coach’s Corner: Teamwork makes a Difference!


Hey Team!

Sorry it’s been a few weeks since the last post. We have been hard at work to make bootcamp even greater!

Here at The Academy, we know better than anyone, how important teamwork is to the success of our students and to the legacy of our program Without a solid team to train with, it’s very difficult to learn and progress to your full potential. The Academy Fitness Bootcamp is more unique than other group fitness classes because all of the women in the program share similar fitness goals, bond, laugh, and joke together in class, but more importantly they push and encourage each other. It’s because of supportive teammates that we learn about our areas of weakness, we learn how to perfect our strengths, and we’re consistently held accountable for our progress.

After 20 years of business, we know that another key ingredient to a great team is quality students. Student that are dedicated, mentally strong, and have a genuine passion for health and passion. We understand that not everyone that walks through our doors possess these qualities at first, but through their training here, it is our priority and hope that people gain these characteristics because of the teamwork they participate in every week.

So how does one become a good teammate? This may seem like a trick question, but sometimes we can get so focused on our progress that we forget to help and contribute to the progress of our teammates at the same time. Sometimes it’s the other way around – we invest a lot in the progress of our teammates but don’t get constructive feedback in return. Other times we feel insecure about our skills and abilities, so we draw inward and feel apprehensive about training, then we quit. This is definitely something that should be avoided, so if you ever fee like you’re losing motivation – talk to your coach!

As coaches, we are here to tell you that being a part of team starts with being a good team member yourself. Here are some words of wisdom to think about:

1. By pushing your teammates, you push yourself!Whether you are doing a hard circuit or going on a long group run, pushing your fellow teammate when they’re struggling is a great way to boost their motivation and to help them get the most out of their class. It’s as simple as saying, “C’mon! We’ve got this!” Or, “Don’t stop! We’re almost done. Keep going!” These are simple words of encouragement, but when you feel like you can’t muster the strength to do one more push up, and someone is there to encourage you to keep going, you usually push through and do it.

2. Accountability.
One of the major benefits of training with at team is that you consistently have people around you that can and will hold you accountable for your progress. One thing you can do to increase accountability is to make plans to train with fellow teammates outside of class. This not only increases morale and cohesion, but it betters your training and theirs.

3. Diverse Training Partners.
While it’s great to have people that you train with on a regular basis, it is also helpful to make an effort to introduce yourself and train with classmates  that are newer than you. Training with a diverse group of people allows you to receive feedback and suggestions from people who have different experience levels and who have different perspectives on training.

Regardless of where you’re at in your training, making it a priority to be a good teammate as well as a good student is critical to not only your progress but to the progress of others. As you move forward in your training, keep this in mind at all times. You only have great things to gain from it.

Until next time!

Coach Colleen