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Coach Cassie Stabus

FullSizeRenderCoach Cassie is a dedicated Muay Thai and Fitness instructor who strives to bring elements of fun and lightheartedness into each class. Simultaneously, she strives to assist each participant in reaching their goals and finding their inner strength. Through various types of workouts such as High Intensity Interval Training ( HIIT), Plyometric, Metobolic, and lifting routines, she is able to recognize each student’s level and work with them to push them to their full limits and achieve their personal goals. Coach Cassie spent time training Marines at Fort Leonardwood, MO and received a Marine Corps Challenge Coin for her work with the Marines on that base. With this IMG_9465experience in conjunction with training in Muay Thai, she has spent over 15 years in various types of dance, and active in fitness. She combines different types of workout routines to ensure each class brings something new and challenging.

Outside of training and teaching at The Academy, Coach Cassie enjoys spending time with her two dogs at home, watching WWE Pay Per Views with friends and family, and has been a lifelong Chris Jericho fan.

 Coach Linda Manila


Linda Manila Linda Manila has been a fan of fitness since childhood. Her father trained in Muay Thai and she remembers working out with him as part of her culture and to emulate his discipline and focus. In addition to martial arts, Linda has participated in numerous forms of exercise including pilates, yoga, zumba, strength and conditioning, and even run a half marathon. She likes to work out not to be skinny or look good, but because she likes to be strong, have stamina, and to see what her body can do. Training at the Academy brings with it a sense of belonging and being part of an impressive and varied coaching staff has encouraged her to keep learning and allowed her to improve consistently.


A busy working mother of two young energetic boys, Linda understands the challenge of juggling work, home, and exercise but finds it is a great stress release and self-defense training gives her confidence and a sense of safety. She has become a coach because she loves to see people succeed and build on each little success!fitness workouts