Success Stories

“This is by far the best bootcamp for women!”Elise S. *

 “Get up an go! Its the best motivation I’ve had!” – Kelsey B. *

 “I love it and I wouldn’t go anywhere else for this!” – Shannon B. *

Beth Z. has been training with Coach Colleen in Minneapolis at the Academy Fitness Bootcamp for Women, since March 2013. Since she started training she’s lost several pounds and several inches. She’s gained muscles, increased her endurance and stamina, and has noticed an increase in her energy. Check out her testimonial above! *


4976_1073856412650_4648572_n“Back down to 131… Thank you for your help. Listening, understanding, and pushing me. It has really helped me feel normal again, the dark cloud is gone. I can, that is what I always thought till what ever reason that changed. I am back now, which feels fabulous. The work outs are fun, creative, challenging, always different, and I really enjoy the mix up. My running has gotten better, feel stronger. I am getting stronger, I was lifting this morning and used heavier weights. This was just what I needed. Thank you!” 
-Amy S. *