Topic of the Day: Staying Motivated Post-New Years Resolutions

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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

How many of you made New Years Resolutions?

How many of you are actually on track to following through on those resolutions?

Now that the excitement and buzz of the new year has come and gone, so many people’s motivation to accomplish their goals have fallen by the wayside. Don’t feel bad if you’ve already fallen off the wagon – you’re not the only one, but it’s NOT TOO LATE!

Motivation, determination, persistence, whatever word you want to use, are some of the most important driving forces behind achieving goals. You may have a lot of support for your friends and family, but if you don’t possess the inner motivation to put one foot in front of the other and make things happen, then their support is all for nothing.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve manage to stay on the wagon – here are some pointers to help you stay focused and motivated.


1. GET A TRAINING PARTNER – this can be your spouse, your best friend, a co-worker, your sister, or some other relative. Training with someone else is 100 times better than training alone. I speak from experience when I say that all my athletic or fitness related achievements were gained by training with someone regularly. As a rock climber, it’s very difficult to progress without the help of a climber partner or a climbing team. Why? Because everyone brings unique experiences and perspectives to the table. Training with people from all different levels is important for your own progress because you can learn so much from other people who have struggled with the same training obstacles as you have. Training partners also help to push you when you feel like you can’t run another mile, or you can’t lift another rep, or your can do another lunge, or you feel like your legs can’t go any faster. Team mates/training partners push us when we need it the most. They hold us accountable, and they give us constructive feedback when we’re struggling.

2. KEEP A JOURNAL OF YOUR ACTIONS – I know you probably don’t need another book or thing to keep track of, but you can keep your fitness/training journal in your gym bag so you never forget it. Studies have shown that people who write down their goals, and who make time to sit down with those goals every day, are more likely to succeed than those who just mentally thinking about their goals. This should be obviously because thinking is a helluva lot different than doing. Every morning when you wake up, write down one small goal that you want to achieve for that day. It can be as small as “I will take the stairs whenever possible today.” Or “I will go for a 25 minute walk on my lunch break today.” And then when you complete that goal – log it in your journal. Log the date, the time, what you did, and how you’re feeling (were you unusually tired… did you feel really strong?) You can use your fitness journal for short and long term goals. The most important thing is that you are interacting with it on a daily basis. Reading and writing in your fitness journal should become a staple habit in your daily routine.

3. THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY – Sometimes we get so hung up on comparing ourselves to other people, comparing our progress to other people’s progress… This is one of the most debilitating obstacles people face when starting a training program ┬ábecause they see everyone else around them as fit and in better shape, but they forget that everyone has to start somewhere. So when you’re feeling down, remember that you are special and this is your journey! Instead of seeing it as a chore see it as an adventure – your adventure to explore who you are and what you’re capable of! So when you’re lifting weights next to someone who lifting twice as you, remember that they couldn’t always lift that, they had to work up to it and so will you. Believe in yourself and your abilities, no matter what.

4. SMALL STEPS TOWARDS PROGRESS IS BETTER THAN NONE – Remember to set small but frequent goals that are realistic. The downfall of setting outlandish, unrealistic goals is that we immediately set ourselves up for failure. If we set a goal that’s out of our skill level – we become discouraged. An example of this would be setting the goal of wanting to run a marathon in a month when you’ve never ran in your life. (Most seasoned marathoners take more than a month to train for their races.) Don’t forget that it’s okay to start with small goals and then work your way up. If running a marathon is a goal of yours, but you’ve never ran before start with training for a 5K (3.2 miles), then once you feel comfortable running that distance, then you can work your way up to a 10k, and then a half marathon, and then finally the marathon. Don’t worry if achieving your ultimate goal takes a while! We live in a society of instant gratification, and unfortunately some of the more important things in life come with time, patience, and perseverance. (Like running a marathon, starting your own business, getting your Ph.D, etc).

I guarantee if you implement one (or better yet, all) of these tips into your daily routine, you will see results. If you’ve fallen off the training wagon, don’t worry! Get back up and start again. Don’t let little hiccups set you back so far that you don’t want to continue at all. Don’t give up! DON’T GIVE UP!

Here’s a mantra for you to say to yourself every morning and every night: I CAN, I WILL. Say it to yourself when you’re training and you feel like you want to quit. Say it to yourself when you’re laying in bed and you know you should get up and head to the gym. Don’t give into any excuses. Training will not only make your body stronger, you will quickly see that it will also make your mind stronger too.


Have a fantastic day!


-Coach Colleen


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