Topic of the Day: Why Bootcamp?

Happy Monday!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Today’s topic of the day is WHY BOOTCAMP? Why should you invest your time and money into training? Why should you dedicate a few hours a week to yourself, your progress, your health, and your happiness?

I’m here to tell you that the reason why bootcamp works better than any DVD you can buy to watch at home, or a membership at a traditional gym, or any other program, is because here at The Academy Fitness Bootcamp for Women – we actually WANT to see you succeed.

The success of our students comes from the motivating and challenging atmosphere we create. Students keep coming back because they’re pushed to do the best they can by not just their coaches, but by their fellow teammates as well. We never repeat the same workout, so students always feel like they’re being challenged while having fun at the same time. If you were to join a Lifetime Fitness, or an LA Fitness today – how long do you think you could maintain a regular workout schedule if you don’t have someone to work out with, if you don’t have someone pushing you to run one extra mile, or to do a few more reps, or to push a little bit harder? Probably not long, and I don’t say that because I don’t think you’re hardworking – I say that because we as humans, need motivation to get things done. We need and want to be a part of a team. Especially when it comes to working out.

Bootcamp is also a great way to meet other women who share similar fitness goals as you do. For example, we’ve had a few women who, through bootcamp, discovered they were all runners and decided to train for a race together. We’ve had other women who want to lose weight because they both just had a baby. So not only did they bond over training, they bonded over being mothers as well. Women these days are so busy with work and taking care of their family that they neglect their own personal needs. Needs like exercise and social interaction with other people, especially other women! You DESERVE to have something that will be a source of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration in your life! Bootcamp can be that for you.


If you haven’t made the choice to join bootcamp and achieve your fitness goals, what’s holding you back?

Is it time, is it money, is it fear? Let me tell you, if you spend your whole life “waiting” for the right time to do this, or the right time to do that – life is going to slip past you so fast you won’t even realize it until it’s too late. This is why we are so confident and so adamant that you call us RIGHT NOW to set up an appointment to meet with us. Not just because we want to earn your business, but because we also genuinely want to help you take charge of your life, your goals, your health, and your happiness. We’ve seen that the women who take action right away, get the best results.

Numerous of studies have shown that people who make time to exercise, to eat healthy, and to have time to focus on themselves, are generally happier and healthier than those who are constantly putting other peoples needs before their own. If you’ve been thinking about doing something for yourself for a while – then you should! Nothing should hold you back from something like this – something that will actually benefit you. Paying for bootcamp is not the same as paying for a new car. Bootcamp won’t break down on you, bootcamp will not let you down, bootcamp will not depreciate in value over time. Bootcamp will, however, always be a welcoming place for you to dedicate time to yourself and your personal progress. It will always be a place where you are a part of a group women who support you and want to see you succeed. It will always be a place that you push yourself to become the best YOU you can be.

So don’t let your fears or excuses get in the way of your goals and dreams! Call us right now – we’ll sit down with you one-on-one to find out exactly what you’re looking for, we want to give you a free fitness assessment, and a FREE week of classes – just for coming to check us out. If you like what you see – we’ll make you a member! Don’t wait any longer. Take a stand for you, for your health, for your happiness.


Until next time,

Coach Colleen